Considerations for a Restart Plan, From USI

(Prepared by USI for their clients in the entertainment industry.) Pre–Production | Location For studios that have been idle, following are 8KEYCONSIDERATIONSFORARE–STARTPLAN that can be used by the production team and/or reviewed with the studio owner. 1.  Inform authorities 2.  Inspect the building envelope 3.  Inspect the building interior 4.  Perform an inspection of the fire sprinkler system 5.  Inspect mechanical systems 6.  Inspect/change air filters 7.  Inspect electrical 8.  Flush drinking water Pre–Production | Location Before crew returns to a location, operators should complete recommended actions to ensure a safe workplace environment. 1.    Location scouting should be done remotely. 2.    Preparatory cleaning of workspace. 3.    Close (or restrict) access to common areas, break rooms, kitchens, conference rooms. 4.    Put hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances, reception areas, and elevator landings. … Read more

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